another embroidery workshop in boulder, colorado!


Chair-with-sweater-with-black-garden Coco-Terraqueo-cotton-bag Tatu-Carreta-Giant-Armadillo Coco-Terraqueo-in-kokedamas-garden color-wheel

Due to the incredible response, we have opened up a second embroidery retreat weekend in Boulder, Colorado! This intensive 3 day workshop organized by The Makerie will be held in two incredible spaces: Fabricate and Colorado Chautauqua. Fabricate is a darling local sewing boutique and the Colorado Chautauqua is the magical spot in the middle of the mountains. Day One will be held at Fabricate and the beautiful and peaceful Colorado Chautauqua will be our cozy home for Days Two and Three.

A lovely locally made lunch and warm tea and snacks will be included for each workshop day. We will thoroughly explore the art of embroidery while learning specialized techniques and how to illustrate with thread. The class size will be an intimate one to allow for ample personal attention.

Join us on September 26, 27 & 28, 2014 for an embroidery immersion weekend!!!

inquiries and reservations here!


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9 responses to “another embroidery workshop in boulder, colorado!”

  1. Paula says:

    Mis felicitaciones.
    Merecido tu reconocimiento a nivel mundial.
    Tus creaciones son maravillosas y representan increíblemente a nuestro país.

  2. pepa says:

    Hola Adriana, felicidades…me alegro un montón!
    Siento no haber dejado un comentario antes, ha sido un verano de locura para mí.
    Me encantó el taller contigo, aparte de lo que pude aprender, el ambiente me relajó.
    Fue un remanso de paz en medio del caos de mi vida.
    Un abrazo muy fuerte desde Mallorca…!!!!

    • adriana says:

      Hola Pepa, cómo estás????
      muchas gracias por escribirme! A mí me encantó conocerte, me pareciste una mujer especial y disfruté mucho esos días con vos y las chicas en Mallorca. y además Tatiana nos atendió como reinas, jeje.
      Me alegra muchísimo que la hayas pasado muy bien vos también!
      un beso enorme!!!!

  3. ferdi says:

    Sin palabras… Jajaja. Felicitaciones Adriana! Abrazo gigante!!! :-D

  4. Ellen Gager says:

    I am a friend of Fran Menenley’s from Boulder and was very sad to miss your workshop. I was wondering if you have armadillo kits which I could purchase so I can make an adorable armadillo too! They’re so beautiful and your work so inspiring.

    • adriana says:

      Hi Ellen! oh, I am sorry too :(
      I could send you a kit. I will email you with the details…
      Thank you!

    • adriana says:

      Hi Ellen! Thank you so much!!!!
      I have not a kit, but I could think about creating one!
      I’ll keep you updated!
      have a colorful day!

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