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Hi ladies! Hope you’ve started a great 2016!

I have created a new workshop for this year, “How to create a raised embroidered pouch” and will be teaching it in Buenos Aires, México DF, Rio de Janeiro and Paris. Maybe another cities will be added through months.

For more information about the workshops please email the contact for each city:

Buenos Aires

January 23: adriana@migadepan.com.ar

February 6: holacasatextil@gmail.com

Mexico DF

March 4, 5 & 6: holamadejajaja@gmail.com



September: no date yet, keep tuned!


Hope to see you soon!!!


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6 respuestas a “weaving an embroidery”

  1. in sook park dice:

    I want ro particiapte at the workshop of 23, january.
    How can I do?

  2. Caroline dice:

    Hola Adriana,
    Que buenas noticias! Vuelves a Paris en Septiembre 2016! Que suerte! Tuve el placer de seguir tu curso de bordeo en el taller de Rose Selavy; espero tener suerte otra vez!

  3. Ana dice:

    Hello Adriana, what are the possibilities of you doing one in London/somewhere in England? Gosh I would love to join, I can’t tell you how much I admire your talents xx

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