How to embroider a digitalis garden


How to embroider a digitalis garden-01-LR How to embroider a digitalis garden-02-LR How-to-embroider-a-digitalis-garden-03-LR How-to-embroider-a-digitalis-garden-04-LR How-to-embroider-a-digitalis-garden-05-LRmy latest embroidery already sold!



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9 respuestas a “How to embroider a digitalis garden”

  1. Els dice:

    Your embroidery is always amazing and fun !!!

  2. Rebecca dice:

    This is fabulous!!! So very creative!

  3. ferdi dice:

    Hola Adriana! Tanto tiempo sin pasar por aquí y siempre sorprendés con tanta belleza y originalidad!!! Sos la mejor, sin dudas. Felicitaciones!!!

  4. Cecilia dice:

    Adriana es bellisimo!! te consulto como se llaman los puntos de las campanillas, la flor grande y el sweater, con que tipo de hilos están hechos.

  5. I enjoyed your letter sampler class in London (LOOP) on Sunday. What a talented lady you are and you were infinitely patient with us all (especially me!). Thank you! Also, though you are super busy, do you sell your finished samplers by any chance? Thanks for sharing your talents all around the world!

Responder a ferdi