sweetness for a little girl


Set Ander (little bed, mattress, mini pillow, mini Ana blanket and Ander lion in medium size) with Leonor blanket for the girl’s bed in the same colorway.

Blankets can be done in any size and colors on request! write to  me adriana@migadepan.com.ar



Set Ander (camita, pequeño colchón, almohadilla, pequeña manta Ana y león Ander en tamaño mediano) con la manta Leonor para la cama de la niña en la misma paleta de colores.

Las mantas pueden hacerse en cualquier medida y colores bajo pedido! Escribime a adriana@migadepan.com.ar


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8 respuestas a “sweetness for a little girl”

  1. Marta Costa dice:

    Beyond gorgeous!
    Love your work.

  2. just found your blog and think you do the sweetest little things with yarn.
    many greetings from germany

  3. monika dice:

    Hello Adriana, I am admiring your beautiful work for a while, but never left a comment yet. Another gorgeous creation, where do you buy your yarn, the colors are stunning! Cheers from Canada…..Monika

    • adriana dice:

      Dear Monika,
      the yarns are from Argentina…
      I choose the colors very carefully and I have also studied a lot about colors!
      I have studied architecture, fine arts, illustration, photography and graphic design!
      I guess that is the secret :)
      warm regards from Argentina!

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