Je cherche un endroit où loger à Paris


We can make a swap! I can offer you a blanket, a hand embroidered carpet and my complete collection of dolls, cushions and garlands!

I will be at M&O in September at Argentine Pavilion and I would love someone who likes design and art so we can go together to exhibitions at the Paris Design week!

we can also enjoy some cheese and wine and go to the off Paris best places!

If you like the idea of sharing Paris with me write please to:

I prefer girls that are subscribed to my blog ;)

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12 responses to “Je cherche un endroit où loger à Paris”

  1. Maria says:

    Si viviera en París ya estaría armando un lugarcito.
    Que linda tu idea del swap. Un beso y suerte!

  2. Yes, I wish I was living in Paris to help you and to have fun with you. Good luck finding a good place to stay with a fun girl.

  3. Eliana says:

    Vivo cerca de Cannes….si vienes a la costa conta conmigo.

  4. ibabe says:

    Ya me gustaría que me pillara algo más cerca, sería toda una experiencia.
    De todas formas te paso el enlace de unas chicas…una de ellas vive en París y creo que sería buena guía. Te invito a que te pongas en contacto con ellas.
    Un saludo,

  5. Christelle says:

    Hola Adriana,

    I’m a silent reader, French reader. It will be a pleasure to host you for a few days, but I’m not living in Paris…but to help you I will tweet this information ;)
    Hope you’ll find soon a place to sleep.

  6. Ferdi says:

    Que idea tan linda Adriana. Espero que encuentres a alguien. Yo estaré envidiando (sanamente, claro) desde Buenos Aires ;-)

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